What are wireframes and why are they important?

When building a new website we always start with a wireframe. This is the equivalent of an architect’s plan for the site and allows us to work out the layout and structure of the pages before we start designing and building them.

There are a number of advantages to this approach:

Plan site structure

Before thinking about design, images and colours we can plan the structure of the site and decide how users will move through it. We do this with the site objectives in mind, such as generating an enquiry, and the target viewer so we know what messages need to be conveyed and how to present them.

Page layout

When the structure has been planned we can think about the layout of the pages. With web design as with so many things less is often more so we build page layouts with space for key images and messages.

User experience

A key part of the wireframing process is to ensure the experience of the user is good and there are no annoyances or parts of the site that have no clear next step.

Wireframe sign-off

Before moving on to the design of the site we set up a demo website with the complete wireframe for clients to use and test. Any changes can easily be made to ensure we are building the exact site our client wants.

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