7 Content Marketing Tactics Every Business Should Steal

Here are 7 content marketing tactics that can help you today.

1: Content Diversification

What kind of content are you creating? If you’re only creating blog posts or Instagram stories, then you may be missing out on marketing opportunities by not diversifying your content. The bottom line is that there are three types of content: written, audio, and video. Using all three will help you reach the widest possible audience.

2: Specialised Topics

Blogging is a marketing basic for many businesses. However, if you’re posting only broad topic content that’s available elsewhere, you might be losing visitors who are in search of something unique and compelling. Keep in mind that a highly specialised topic may be more universal than you think. Likewise, a focused post can help bring people to your website who are in search of a solution for a problem they’re experiencing.

3: Authorship

Writing books can help you to build authority. Some small business owners write short books and guides that they use as lead magnets. Others sell their books on their websites or list them on Amazon. Either way, a well-written book can help you connect with a new audience or deepen your connection with your existing customers. Keep in mind that the book or guide you write does not need to be long, nor do you need to write it yourself. You have the option of hiring a freelancer if writing isn’t your strong suit.

4: Podcasting

You may have noticed that podcasting is now everywhere. The benefit of having a podcast is that listening to people talk feels more personal than reading what they have to say. People can listen to podcasts while they drive or work out and they provide an opportunity to go in-depth about topics that matter to your audience.

5: Humanising Your Content

The days of impersonal content are gone. The rise of social media has allowed consumers to have direct content with the brands they follow. Every small business should be getting on board with content humanisation. If you can, put your customer front and centre – using customer reviews, interviews, videos anything that helps to make your brand more personal.

6: Voice Optimisation

Voice optimisation is one area where a lot of businesses are falling behind, only a few local businesses are fully on board with the idea of embracing voice technology. Let’s look at a big company for an example of what’s possible with voice search. Nestle has partnered with Amazon to create a tool that allows users to ask Alexa for recipes using Nestle products. Alexa will then walk users through the recipe step by step by linking to Nestle’s website.

7: Storytelling

People love stories. Storytelling is one of the best ways to connect people to your product or service, helping them to understand it on an emotional level. User-generated content can be a great way to make your social media followers feel important and included.

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