Maximise your video views on YouTube

Your channel homepage is the place to start because it has the potential to attract subscriptions and click-throughs to your company website. It’s worth spending some time making sure it is well formatted to make a good impact.

In order to create an enticing channel homepage, you should consider the following:


This is a small picture that represents your channel.


A picture that sits like a banner at the top of your homepage.


This can be used to inform users of the type of content that you provide.


Provide a clear and short summary expressing exactly what sort of content you provide.

Featured channels

Featuring other channels is a great way to cross-promote, and YouTube likes to see evidence of this, as it serves to bridge the gap between different types of content.

Video Title

This needs to contain enough relevant keywords to allow the search algorithm to make the link between search terms and your video.


The description field helps YouTube and Google to understand what your content is about.


This is a snapshot of your video to give users an idea of what the video is about.


Use descriptive keywords about your video.

In addition to the above, establishing a relationship between your YouTube channel and your main website is important as it helps to ensure both the channel and video rank for brand searches in Google. And finally, through the use of YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics, it is easy to track the performance of your videos to see what is working and what needs changing.

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