6 signs that you need a new website

A lack of enquiries is normally the best sign that you need to update your website. Here are a few others:

1. You are embarrassed to tell customers to look at your website

First impressions count and if your website doesn’t reflect your business you won’t want new customers to look at it. A website should reflect the quality of your company because people will judge you by the face you show to the world.

2. You can’t add new content to your site

If you need to pay a web designer whenever you want to change your site or add new content it is time for a change. Modern sites are designed to be easy to edit an update so you can do it all in house.

3. Your website doesn’t work on a mobile

Many business websites get more than a quarter of their visitors looking at them on a mobile or tablet. If your site contains flash images they won’t show up on a mobile and if it doesn’t respond to the size of the screen it will be hard to read.

4. The images on your site are out of date

Products and services change and the photos on your site need to reflect that so people realise you are a modern company that they should deal with.

5. Your website is not found by search engines

The requirements of the search engines are changing and older sites are rarely set up to rank highly. Modern sites are built with the requirements of Google and the other search engines in mind so you have a much better chance of ranking well.

6. Your website doesn’t generate enquiries

If you aren’t getting enquiries from your site something is wrong. The growth of many companies is fuelled by the enquiries their website generates but for that to happen the site must be set up to appeal to readers and encourage them to take action.

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