10 Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Content Fresh

1. Run a Contest or Giveaway Offer

Running the occasional contest is one of the most impactful social media ideas when it comes to potential engagement from followers. You don’t need to run contests week after week to reap the rewards. Contests are a great way to spike your follower count and engagement, and are a great social media idea for campaigns you’re looking to enhance, such as new product launches.

2. Share, Repin or Retweet

A quick and easy way to generate new content on your social media channel is to share content from other companies/consumers that would be relevant to your followers. Remember, not all of the content on your social feed has to be your own. In fact, conventional wisdom tells us that it shouldn’t be. Promoting other relevant brands, articles and photos from your followers is a great content idea that shows that you’re part of your industry’s conversation.

3. Bite-Sized Video Clips

There has been a huge expansion in video marketing via social media channels in the last few years and it is a great way to create an engaging interaction with your customer base. Bit size video clips are perfect idea for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Such clips require minimal editing, can be shot in a matter of seconds and are prime for sharing.

4. Take Advantage of Trending Topics

Always keep a look out for trending topics on Facebook and Twitter that could be relevant to your industry or followers. You could also reference a big even that is coming up. Topical posts can score huge numbers of followers so they are a great way to gain some exposure for your products.

5. Respond to Your Followers

Expanding on the concept of social media as a conversation, companies should always be willing to talk back to their followers. It might be through praise, responding to a customer complaint or just giving a like to a comment made, your responses can speak volumes about your brand.

6. Team Up With Another Brand

Co-marketing is a win-win situation. Two brands team up on a campaign or piece of content such as a webinar, ebook or even a special promotion. Each company gets exposure to the other’s audience. Look for brands to partner with that aren’t competitors but have a similar target audience.

7. Review a New Product

To maintain your status as an expert in your field, you need to provide your readers with the latest news and information. Do product reviews to keep your audience informed. Companies are always trying to improve their products, and release the latest versions to the marketplace on a regular basis.

8. Share Reviews and Testimonials

Share customer comments and testimonials across your social media channels. There is no better endorsement of your services or products than a customer review and this will help to spread positive word of mouth across your followers and give customers confidence in your product offering.

9. Ask Followers to Tag-a-Friend

An easy way to get more eyes on your social feeds is the mere act of asking. Tag-a-friend posts are all the rage as they encourage responses from your followers and bring new potential followers into the fold. Considering how easy it is to @ someone in a comment, tacking on a tag-a-friend request to a post is fairly straightforward.

10. Share Milestones

Last but not least, brands should be willing to celebrate their success and victories with their followers. If you have been featured in a major publication, purchased new machinery or expanded to bigger premises, let your followers know. Sharing these moments with your audience shows your human side while signalling your brand’s growth.


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