10 questions to help you write your web content

When sitting down with a blank sheet of paper it is often difficult coming up with words for a web page or new post. When we write copy for clients we normally start with a series of questions and work on the answers to them. Here are a few to give you some ideas next time you struggle for words:

1. What should your customers know before buying?

Write a list of the things they should ask themselves before making a decision on who to use.

2. What question are you asked most often?

Include a brief answer in an FAQ page and a longer one in a standalone article.

3. How has your business/industry changed?

Some industries change quickly and others slowly so this may be over a period of 5 years or 50 years depending on how your company has evolved.

4. Which trade shows do you visit or exhibit at?

Tell readers a bit about them and why you attend. Encourage them to visit your stand and explain how they will benefit from going.

5. What do you think will happen in the future within your industry?

Everybody would like to know what lies ahead. Why not use your knowledge to predict where things are moving and how your business will adjust in the future.

6. What advice would you give to a customer/employee new to your industry?

What should they think about and where should they turn for advice? What are the most important things to learn first?

7. What tools do you use to do your job?

Write about the tools you use on a daily basis. Which brands are best and how you use them. Are there any short cuts or good ideas your readers could learn from you?

8. What statistics matter in your industry?

It may be speed or durability. Cost per use or whole life cost. Where possible present the key statistics in your business in a graphical format so people can easily understand the key points.

9. How has your product/service made a major difference to a client?

Write a case study of how one of your clients has benefited by using you. Provide quantifiable data on the impact for them such as 37% saving or an 80% increase in output.

10. What industry blogs or publications would you recommend reading?

Everyone likes expert opinions but it is often hard finding reliable information. Tell people who you follow and whose opinion you value.

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